Mr Schwarzhans, you grew up in Dalaas and you have lived in Bludenz for 35 years. What has changed sincethe turn of the millennium?

As a general contractor for interior finishing, you advise your clients on the use of certain materials in living spaces that protect against radiation. How did this come about?

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What is actually the electrosmog you mentioned?

Strictly speaking, there is muchmore to look at when building a house than just what happens inside the home, is that right?

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So we will learn from your book how we can live healthier and better through different measures.

Time-tested Schwarzhans quality

Ernst Schwarzhans has been involved in house building since the late 1970s.

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We were able to contribute our entire knowledge, from the planning, interior design and construction management to the execution. The range extends from flooring and laying (parquet and carpet) to built-in, occasional, and seating furniture to curtains, and privacy and sunprotection. We were also responsible for outdoor furniture, bedding,mattresses and accessories.

Healthy living despite massive radiation exposure, 5G, and electrosmog

An interview with Ernst Schwarzhans from the "Rise" podcast by Monika Schmiderer.