Move-IT. Good mood for your home.

A little brighter here, a little warmer there and the spot in the corner a little further to the left. As you can see, our Move-lT light guidance system is as spontaneous as you are - without any tools. With your smartphone or tablet, you control each individual light source and create the lighting mood you prefer. You create ambiences, so to speak. The combinations of light colors are inspired by nature - bringing a touch of nature into your home, which has a very positive effect on your mental and physical well-being.

You feel like the water you drink.

Water has the property of storing information and passing it on. On the one hand, this can be helpful with regard to the many residues that our water contains, but it can also become a burden. An adult human being consists of about 70 % water - for toddlers and babies the proportion is even higher. This fact alone makes one thing quite clear: If you are largely made up of water, you would be well advised to choose it carefully. I am almost tempted to say: We feel like the water we drink. Because its quality is crucial for our well-being. If it is polluted, then it will harm us - mostly insidiously.

So that you do not get cold feet.

It may be true that heat comes from inside, but explain that to your fingers at minus 10 degrees. So you press the switch and the halogen tubes immediately generate a temperature of up to 1,200 degrees Celsius. From this point on, freezing guests are no longer an issue.

This type of infrared radiation is perfect especially for outdoor application, because compared to conventional heat sources, these short-wave radiation systems are more stable with regard to air movements. Therefore, they have a great warming effect even under turbulent conditions. In a nutshell, it works like this: The infrared rays do not heat the air, but have a direct effect on solid bodies such as walls, cables and even people. Similar to the radiant heat of the sun. Without, however, the negative effect that too long exposure to the sun brings with it.