We did not have a deep sleep and felt like we had been kidnapped in the morning.

Yvonrie suffered from sleep disorders and woke up every morninganything but refreshed. She tells us in the video what the solution that thrilled her looks like. Ernst Schwarzhans briefly explains the details.

The room became incredibly pleasant and quiet

Some of the members of the Feuerstein family suffered from asthma, sleep disorders, scoliosis and various allergies. By putting a new rug in the the bedroom and installing the Best Bed in the World, the bedroom has changed unbelievably. Evelin talks about positive developments ...

It was like a twist of fate.

The Sturmeit family reports on their first impressions of the Best Bed in the World, on sleep problems that suddenly no longer existed and the desire to protect their children, as best they can, from radiation during the regeneration phase at night.

When I wake up, I am rested. That was not the case before.

Do you know the feeling of waking up completely relaxed and full of energy? The Kathrein family has rediscovered this feeling thanks to good advice and the Best Bed in the World.

So that the whole body can get back into balance.

The Pedrolini family has realised through many discussions and the individual advice of Ernst Schwarzhans that only a complete system according to Faraday can lead to success!

We felt incredibly comfortable at the Kronthaler hotel.

We travel a lot and usually sleep badly in hotels. But at the Kronthaler hotel at Lake Achensee we slept particularly well. We wondered why. Then we discovered a book by Ernst Schwarzhans, who had furnished the hotel.

The Kronthaler at Lake Achensee in Tyrol

For all those who are now wondering what the Kronthaler lookslike, whose atmosphere the Berger family was so impressed by and in whose beds it is possible to sleep so extremely well, we have made a short video.

Scientifically tested and proven

Sleeping in the Best Bed in the World supports your body in relaxing and