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90 % of our lives are spent in closed spaces

Unfortunately, this is sad, but it also shows how important it is to take care that we do not get sick by it.

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How did Ernst come to Salutology?

In his search for a better world, Ernst Schwarzhans attended various training courses in radiesthesia and geobiology. It was during one of these courses that he met Alexander Lange, a sleep trainer, naturopath and building biologist from Münsterland. Mr Lange not only had a holistic practice for sleep coaching, but also intensively studied health and health maintenance. One of his collaborators was the Institute for ChronoPsychology and ChronoMedicine in Vienna, headed by Dr Peter Hauschild. Mr Hauschild was not only deeply involved in the development of an innovative heart rate variabilisation device called Heartbalance, but was also the inventor of the Saluto Index and the Health Account. The former is an early warning indicator for health impairments, the latter an app for documenting one's current state of health. Alexander Lange brought Peter Hauschild and Ernst Schwarzhans together because they both had the goal of promoting people's health.

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When it comes to your health, the best experience is the bad experience you need not have.

We supply patented and scientifically tested complete solutions for the
following research areas:


We spend 90% of our lives indoors. Let us therefore make sure that we do not get sick by it.


Restful sleep is extremely important for our body to be able to regenerate. One of our patented complete solutions is the Best Bed in the World.


Even small changes in the workplace may have a majorimpact on employees' health, performance and motivation.


We are permanently surrounded by a wide variety of radiation. Radiation-free places have become rare. I have made it my task to create such places for you.

Us dr Gondl - an interview with sleep expert Ernst Schwarzhans

Find out more about restful sleep, unique world patents and what sports Ernst is passionate about.

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