Tips on how to protect yourself from harmful radiation.

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Shielding against radio waves

The best strategy against electromagnetic radiation from the outside is a Faraday cage. Electricity flows along the outside of every metal box without being able to penetrate the inside. That is why you are protected from lightning in a car. In living rooms, conductive wall paints and fabrics interwoven with metals (special curtains and drapes) can together form a grounding curtain. Radio signals hitting the Faraday cage from the outsideare completely reflected and no longer detectable inside.

Radiation sign, Radiation symbol. Abstract night sky background Radiation sign, Radiation symbol. Abstract night sky background

Radon: a radioactive gas

This is how you protect yourself from radon exposure.

Radon is a poisonous, odourless gas that enters the cellar through the floor and spreads throughout the entire living area under certain circumstances We can detect whether yourhome is at risk by performing a relatively simple measurement.